Food Apps Help Stouffville Restaurants During Covid-19

Food Apps Help Stouffville Restaurants During Covid-19

Stouffville restaurants have seen a significant impact since the beginning of the Pandemic due to the decline of walk-in traffic.

It would be perfectly normal to see a packed house at restaurants such as the Fickle Pickle on weekend morning or Corner House on a Saturday night.

Despite the Town of Stouffville’s efforts to expand patios for Main St restaurants to accept patrons looking to dine out; it doesn’t leave much to the imagination of what is likely to happen during the cold winter months. Rainy days have certainly provided foreshadowing of what’s to come with restaurants cutting down capacity to accommodate social distancing measures.


Thankfully, due to modern technology, there has been a rise in the use of food delivery apps.

With just a few clicks, you can have a warm meal delivered to your doorstep and support your favorite Stouffville restaurant.

One disadvantage to note is that food apps may take up to 20-40% of order costs, which could have otherwise been used as a tip to wait staff.

Some Stouffville restaurants have updated their websites to provide online ordering functionality to lessen the blow from online ordering fees.

Aside from the additional charges from food apps, they have provided restaurants which a method to continue serving their menu and turn a profit.

Four of the most well-known food delivery apps where you are likely to find Stouffville restaurants include Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes and Door Dash.

Food Delivery App

1. Skip the Dishes

SkipTheDishes is the most popular food delivery app which is currently used by over 5 million users worldwide and over 25,000 restaurants nationwide. You can easily locate restaurants near you or search by cuisine, restaurant or keyword. With just a few taps your meal will be delivered in no time. Users can track their orders and payment can be liked to your debit or credit card.

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats allows you to browse local restaurants and fast food favorites easily by restaurant name, cuisine or keyword. When you’ve placed an order you’ll be able to see an estimated delivery time and total price. You can easily order and pay with a few taps once your account is created and linked to a credit or debit card. Uber Eats is currently available in multiple countries and another likely place you’ll find your favorite Stouffville restaurant.

3. Door Dash 

Door Dash is another food delivery app where you’ll find popular Stouffville restaurants from small restaurants to large franchises. It’s currently used by over 300,000 restaurants and boasts an average delivery time of only 37 minutes.

Final Thoughts

While food delivery apps may eat into profits (no pun intended), they provide the benefit of increasing brand presence, improve margins during harsh a harsh economic period and satisfy regular patrons looking to order from their favorite Stouffville restaurant.

Restaurants can get listed on all 3 apps to increase their visibility to local Stouffville restaurants looking to order their next meal and support local business.

Since many Stouffville restaurants have websites developed in WordPress; integrating online food delivery plugins with the help of a Stouffville web developer can allow customers to order directly from your website without having to cough up the additional charges. It would be recommended to incorporate this functionality in addition to having a presence on all food delivery apps.