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Why get listed on Stouffville Business?

Stouffville Business is developed to help local businesses in the town of Stouffville, Ontario. Our aim is to help local businesses gain more exposure, improve search engine ranking and increase visitors/leads/sales.

How can having a link on Stouffville Business increase my search engine ranking?

Google considers external links which point to websites when ranking websites as they are considered a "vote of confidence".

Why should I pay for the Mostar Package?

By purchasing our paid business listing package, businesses can benefit from more exposure on the website, additional features. It costs money to run a website, therefore the money will be used to pay for managing the website, advertising and search engine optimization.

How can I increase my position in top businesses and my category?

The top businesses within categories or the top business page are determined based on user rating. By encouraging others to submit reviews/ratings for your business can improve your business ranking on the website.

What other ways can I increase exposure on Stouffville Business?

We encourage business owners to submit articles about their business. Articles must be:

  • At least 500 words
  • Original content
  • Have correct spelling in grammar
  • Not spammy
  • Contain no more than 2 links

Stouffville Business has the right to decline articles. If you'd like to submit an article you can do so by filling out the form on the article submission page.

Cost is $15 per article.