How-To Make Your Stouffville Business Page Stand Out

How-To Make Your Stouffville Business Page Stand Out

The Stouffville Business website was launched in late July to help businesses in the town of Stouffville, Ontario gain exposure online.

Since launch, over 250 businesses have been added to the website, traffic has increased and search visibility has skyrocketed.

COVID-19 has created difficult economic times for business owners in Stouffville. We hope that the SB website will help drive traffic and leads to our business members.

When creating a business page on the Stouffville Business website, we suggest adding as much information as possible about your company.

Why get listed?

  • Provide valuable information about your business such as contact information and hours of operation
  • Refers traffic to your companies website
  • Help your business gain more search visibility
  • Provides SEO benefits getting listed

There are currently two available plans. Our monthly plan which costs less than a cup of coffee unlocks several features that help boost a businesses visibility on the website and improve their online presence.

In this article, we will cover how to build a strong Stouffville Business profile that stands out and provides useful information for visitors.

1. Add Company name, description and categories

We recommend adding a minimum of 250 words about your company and up to 2 categories.

2. Add main image, header image and address

  • Add either your logo (400×400) or photo of your storefront as your main business image. (1)
  • The main header image is used at the top of your business profile page. Select image from the dropdown (3).
  • We recommend using images that are at least 1200px wide and 450px height (4).  Be sure to set the Header Height field (5).
  • Enter your full address (street, city, province, postal) in the address field and hit find to verify the location on the map (6).

3.  Add company contact information

  • Phone (1)
  • Email (2)
  • Website address (3)
  • Text used for website address (4)

4. Add social media details and additional photos

  • Enable social media (1)
  • For each social media profile added, be sure to assign related icon and URL (2) (3)
  • Enable photo gallery. (4)
  • For each image, add a title and select image to upload (5)

4. Add business operating hours.

  • To display business hours enable the Show switch to ON
  • The current day’s hours will be displayed on company pages.

5.  Add company features which can include main products or services offered by your business.

See the live page for Stouffville Florist created for this article.


Final Words

Positive reviews can also enhance a Stouffville Businesses listing in the websites search results and category pages.