Registering a Domain Name for your Business

Registering a Domain Name for your Business

Whether you’re looking to start a company website or personal blog you will need a domain.

A domain name is an address which can be entered into the URL bar of a browser in order to visit a website – ie.

Domain names are brandable names that resolve to an IP address/server where a websites files live.

Just as important as choosing a company name, registering a domain name is an important step when starting a new business or website.

In fact most entrepreneurs will proactively register a domain name prior to registering their business.

In this article we will discuss how to register a domain name and costs related to picking up a domain name for your next website.

What domain extension should I choose?

The TLD you choose should be relevant to your geographic target. Generally a .com is used internationally while a .ca would be used to target Canada.

Other TLD’s may include .org for organization, .edu for education and .gov for government.

It’s recommended to get a .com if possible since it’s the most memorable. In fact, most smartphones even have a pre-built .com key.

Unfortunately, getting a .com domain can be a challenge since it’s been around the longest and “squatters” will purchase domains in hopes of reselling them at an inflated price.

Should I register my own domain name?

Often times businesses make the mistake of having a web design company register a domain on their behalf which which results in paying more than they should.

In some cases business owners have been ghosted or had their domains held hostage.

For this reason it’s important that business owners own the property of their domain name.

How much does a domain cost?

The cost of registering a domain is typically between $15-25/year depending on the top level domain (TLD) or extension.

A domain that ends with .com will typically cost less than a .ca through most domain registrars.

It’s advised to purchase domains for multiple years. Some SEO experts believe that the length-of-registration can impact search ranking.

Where to buy a domain?

If you’re looking to purchase a domain in Canada it’s recommended to do it through a reputable domain registrar.

The following list of domain registrars have a long standing reputation, great pricing and support.

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround has become one of the largest web hosting companies in recent years due to their exceptional service and technology.

They offer both domain registration and web hosting in one place.

.com domains can be purchased for $15.95/year and .ca domains for $19.95/year.

If you’re looking to develop a business website or start an online shop, they offer hosting packages from $6.95/year.


Godaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world holding over 77 million domains.

They also offer website hosting however in some cases can be more expensive and charge for addons which are otherwise offered for free by other hosting companies.

Godaddy has an auto-renew feature so as long as your credit card details are up-to-date you don’t have to worry about domain renewals. is one of the very few top domain registrars in Canada.

They have a long list of valued clients which include multiple government bodies, universities and reputable businesses.

They are the most cost effective for Canadian businesses and those looking to purchase .ca domains.

A .ca domain can be registered for as little as $14.68 (taxes included) or a .com domain for $15.88.

Unlike the other registrars mentioned also charges in Canadian Dollars.

Final Words

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