Stouffville Businesses: Shop Here for an Ecommerce Website

Stouffville Businesses: Shop Here for an Ecommerce Website

Covid-19 has effected businesses across Canada as government restrictions tightened and people are limiting their visits to brick and mortar stores.

It’s no surprise that businesses across the country have seen revenues dwindle or worse, shut down completely.

According to Stats Canada, ecommerce sales have soared by 63.8% in April as spending habits have shifted towards ecommerce.

Some companies, who were already ahead of the game have seen record breaking sales since the government shutdown.

This year will certainly be a defining year as business owners are now faced to make critical decisions and how they choose the new economic conditions.

Better than Digital Main Street!

The Ontario government has launched the #shophere program to help small businesses and artists setup ecommerce websites.

While politicians are claiming that these websites are free, after the 3 FREE MONTH TRIAL costs  of operating your website can be as high as $400 CAD/month or almost $5000/year.

Not exactly free is it?

For comparison, if you hosted a WordPress+WooCommerce website with Siteground web hosting, you would pay as little as $7-10/month.

Furthermore, these cheaply made ecommerce websites are developed by inexperienced students in only a couple days. No planning, strategy, competitive analysis, aesthetically pleasing design, SEO .. just a website slapped together like it came off a conveyor belt.

We believe that your online presence shouldn’t be a rushed process so that you just become another Shopify customer stuck with monthly fees. This is why the program is simply a bad idea for businesses who think they will supplement lost business with a cheaply made website.

Get the Competitive Edge with the help of Professional

As a web development business with SEO expertise for almost 20 years, NexToronto is committed to helping businesses in Stouffville establish a strong online presence that provides an ROI.

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Professionally designed
  • Integrates with Paypal or Stripe
  • Developed in WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Social Media Integration
  • Hosted with SiteGround
  • Easy to manage
  • Setup with On-Page SEO
  • Shipping integration
  • Page Speed Optimized
  • Includes site security by WordFence
  • Setup with Google Analytics

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