5 Stouffville Restaurants that will Definitely DELIVER

5 Stouffville Restaurants that will Definitely DELIVER

If you’re contemplating where to order your next meal from, rest assured that Stouffville, Ontario is home to many restaurants that are sure to provide a delicious meal that won’t disappoint.

Whether you’re looking for fast food, cultural cuisine, a healthy meal or just a snack; there are certainly no shortage of options to choose from.

If you’re unsure where to order from, be sure to check out the Stouffville Restaurants & Dining section featured here on Stouffville Business.

Unfortunately Covid-19 has affected many restaurants in Stouffville. Businesses have had to endure lengthy shutdowns, government restrictions and as winter approaches, there is no telling how businesses will be further affected.

Thankfully, with popular eating apps such as Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats you can still support your favorite local Stouffville Restaurants survive the harsh economic conditions.

The following 5 well known restaurants in the community of Stouffville that couldn’t offer dine-in options due to the pandemic, offer home-delivery.

The King’s Landing Bar & Grill

The King's Landing Bar & Grill

I think many of us miss being able to watch our favorite sports team with friends while enjoying a juicy burger or a plate of giant wings. And certainly miss the bar/dining atmostphere that this restaurant had to offer.

The Kings Landing restaurant offers a mouth-watering menu of lunch and dinner options.

Luckily, you can now get the King’s food delivered right to your home through Skip the Dishes & Uber Eats app.

Kato Sushi

This Stouffville sushi restaurant has become the talk of the town when it comes to their Japanese cuisine, boasting great food and presentation.

Whether you want sushi rolls, sashimi, warm tempura .. it’s all gooood!

You can find Kato Sushi on popular food apps Uber Eats.

China Garden

China Garden Stouffville L4A

If you’re looking for Canadian-style comfort food then look no further.

Best bang for buck, China Garden literally delivers in terms of quality, quantity, service – and right to your door through Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes & Door Dash.

Fickle Pickle

Fickle Pickle Stouffville

This is more than a family restaurant but a monument to the community of Stouffville.

For those who missed the homestyle cooking, breakfasts and Greek cuisine offered by this restaurant will be happy to know it can be delivered to your doorstep.

That’s right! You can order from the Fickle Pickle using Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes.