Benefits of the Paid Listing Package on

Benefits of the Paid Listing Package on

The Stouffville Business website is a directory that provides businesses in Stouffville, Ontario an opportunity to gain exposure and improve their overall online presence.

The directory offers businesses two plans. A free plan, also known as the Main St package, that allows company owners to setup a business profile in as little as 5 minutes after creating an account.

A paid package, that provides businesses with more exposure and features to really make their business stand out.

Business information can be added easily through a dashboard. Company information included in the free plan includes a main company image, a header image, a business description, store hours, contact information and your websites link.

Fact: Google considers backlinks as a ranking factor. Thus having adding your companies URL in your profile can yield an SEO benfit.

Furthermore, the free plan also allows companies to post jobs if they are hiring or events/workshops they may be hosting.

Why purchase the Mostar plan?

For an additional $12/year, you can unlock additional features in your dashboard that can make your business stand out.

In addition to the features already included in the free plan, the Moster plan includes the following options:

Make your business STAND OUT

Paid listings will be highlighted on the home page and within their category pages. Stouffville businesses on this plan will receive greater exposure than business on the free plan.

Expand Company Profile

Additional fields that can be added to your company profile include social media links, features with icons and a photo gallery. The photo gallery can be helpful for Stouffville restaurants to showcase their business.

Submit Blog Articles

Paid members can submit articles to be published on the website. Article submissions must be company related, include a maximum of 2 outbound links at least 500 words and well written. This is a great opportunity for companies to provide additional information about their businesses services or product offerings.

Add Special Offers

Through the company dashboard, business owners can add products or services they would like to promote. The special offers will also be displayed as part of your companies business profile.

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