4 Benefits of Getting Listed on StouffvilleBusiness.com

4 Benefits of Getting Listed on StouffvilleBusiness.com

Business directories still have their place in modern SEO and part of an overall online marketing strategy.

Despite the obvious case that anything can be ‘Google’d’ and Google My Business profiles becoming more prominent in the search results, having your business listed in select directories can provide several benefits.

NexToronto, a local Stouffville Web Development & SEO company, launched the Stouffville Business website to promote local businesses which have been affected during COVID-19.  The goal is to improve search engine visibility, increase traffic and provide SEO benefits for local businesses in Stouffville.

In this article we will cover 4 benefits as to why getting listed in directories such as StouffvilleBusiness.com can help your business.

1. It’s cost-effective

Getting listed in business directories vary in cost. From many provide a free listing, other may charge in the thousands depending on the value of the website. Listing plans may often determine the features and quality of the listing.

The Stouffville Business directory offers a free listing to all businesses located in Stouffville, Ontario. For an additional $12/year, business owners can unlock several features that can boost their presence, enhance their listing information and contribute to the overall websites online marketing strategy which benefit to all members.

The Mostar Plan is a yearly fee which is equals less than 1 cup of coffee per month.  Running a website costs time and money. The funds will help contribute to the overall growth of the website, including:

  • Web development & maintenance
  • Hosting & Support
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • and more!

2. It can boost your Google ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving a websites visibility in major search engines through various factors – one of which is backlinks.

i) Build backlinks/Off-page SEO

Link building refers to the process of acquiring hyperlinks on other websites that point to your website. This is also referred to off-page SEO which are activities performed external to your website to improve its search ranking.

Not all links are created equal and the quality & relevance of backlinks do matter.

ii) Improve Local SEO

Getting a link from a business directory that is relevant to your targeted geographic area can improve your local SEO.

If your business is looking to increase its reach in Stouffville, getting listed on the SB directory can certainly improve your local reach.

iii) Improve search visibility

Improving your search engine ranking can lead to more traffic to your website, help rank for target keywords and help users find your business online.

It’s possible your businesses website wasn’t built with SEO in mind however having a listing on our website can still lead users to your website or attain your businesses information.

3. Strengthen your brand

Online business directories are often viewed as a reliable source of information and can help businesses stand out from their competitors.

Visitors can submit reviews that help boost your reputation and help make purchasing decisions or who they choose to interact with.

We encourage visitors to submit reviews for their favorite local Stouffville shops, restaurants and businesses to let others know about their experience. This can help establish trust and reputation for businesses online.

4. Increase traffic and revenue

Through the SEO benefits previously mentioned and having your business listed; directories can become another channel in providing more valuable traffic to your website  which ideally may convert to more sales or leads.

As the Stouffville Business directory expands, we hope to drive more customers to our members websites in an effort to help local businesses in Stouffville and the overall local economy.

Final Words

Stouffville Verified SealIf your business is currently listed on the Stouffville Business website then you can easily claim your listing by using the websites search to locate your company.

If your business isn’t listed, you can register for FREE or choose the paid plan for an upgraded account.

Once registered you will also have access to our verification seal we ask members to place on your website.